Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The picture on the left is of my brother Bob and my daughter Annie, taken in January of 2008. My brother passed away on September 9th. I shall miss him tremendously! While going through photos of him I remembered many things that I thought I should write down before I forget them.

Bob was always active in sports. I remember one time when I "accidentally" broke his leg. We were keeping score at the ball park at the score board, changing or putting up numbers after each inning. We dropped one of the numbers on the ground. The score board stand was about 4 or more feet off the ground. I offered to hold Bob by the feet if he would reach down and pick up the number. I guess I dropped him and as a result, he broke his foot. We didn't find out until later that night that his foot was broken. Within a week, my parents found him running the bases at the local ball field, even with a cast on his leg.

Bob was very handsome, and thus popular with the girls in high school. We only attended the same high school for one year, as I graduated a couple of years a head of him. He was active on the baseball and basketball teams in high school and I remember him being quite a talented athlete.

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