Monday, June 2, 2008

Latest Quilt Project

I spent several days last month (May) putting these squares
together for a quilt. I cut out and stitched together 255 six and a half inch squares. Then I added a 4-1/2 inch border around it. I mitered the corners of the
border as suggest by the teacher teaching this class. I don't know
if you can tell, but the border is red and tan striped. NOW, to
make the square dance pattern, I have to cut this top apart and
re-sew it together. Can you believe that? It was hard making the
first cut or two, but wait until you see how it turns out. I am taking this project with me to visit Annie. I'll work on it while she
is working. I'll post another picture when I have the top done. I think this is going to be so cool!

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