Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am uploading and posting a lot on my new blog today, mostly because we have had a snowstorm in Minnesota --- the first real one in my area all winter. We hardly had any snow this winter and then this one came along to remind us what winter can be like. It wouldn't be so bad if my resident snow shoveler was home, but he is 300 miles south of here taking care of some very special young people in our lives! (Hi H and L!)
I got up at 7 am to have a hot cup of coffee and to start shoveling out the car before church. I heard a noise that I could not place and looked out the window. Well, there was a friend of my husband's snowblowing our driveway. I thought he was coming over tomorrow before I left for work, but here he was blowing all that snow away! Thank you Mr. G! He even came after the city snowplow came by, so I'm not really snowed in! Thank you J for arranging for the help! (P.S. Church was cancelled due to the storm!)

The top right hand picture was how much snow was on my car --it doesn't look like much in this picture, but the right hand side of the car had between 8 and 10 inches of snow on it! I think I shoveled and brushed off snow for a half hour. I don't know if it will do any good because it is supposed to snow more and the wind is really blowing!

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NancyMaria said...

Look at all that snow! I live in an area that doesn't get much of that white stuff. My mom, though, is in CO and gets lots!
What a great neighbor you have! I have always had wonderful neighbors.